Even before it became the commercial capital and the agenda setter of India. Bombay was always avant-garde, always maverick, looking far into the future. A city that always took its chances on chance-takers and on dream-makers. A feisty little port town that shone by being determinedly different, defiant and original.

We, at Thirsty City 127, have set out to create an exhilarating, unique bar experience, nestled inside Bombay’s first microbrewery, in its historic mill district. Simultaneously, we have also set out to revive that inspiriting, heady age of Art Deco in Bombay, where aspirations were carved into stone masonry of a young, new city. Buildings and car fins figuratively and literally reached for the sky. It was an era of hope, of courage, of distinctiveness, of self-discovery and of beauty.

We’ve left out the pretence and are serving up a massive pour of class here at Thirsty City 127 – India’s finest bar and event space, perhaps.

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