We at Thirsty City 127 believe that as an enterprise we are responsible to all our stakeholders – including our employees, our patrons and the larger community within which we function from.

Thirsty City 127 has professional teams conduct deep-dive assessments on a regular basis of our HSSE – Health, Safety, Security and Environment, with an aim to continuously improve. The safety and well-being of our employees and our patrons is of paramount importance. We have equipped Thirsty City 127 with a very high grade of firefighting equipment and have clearly market emergency escapes with unobstructed access. Food and beverage supply chains, storage and preparations are actively monitored to ensure a consistent hygiene standard being maintained. Thirsty City 127 is a non-smoking premises and we strictly do not allow firearms or narcotics.

At Thirsty City 127, we believe in taking responsibility of having an active programme of environmental sustainability. We aim to be a zero waste premises, where our brewery, bar and kitchen work in conjunction to share edible by-products and ingredients with nothing usable being thrown out. We keep trying to assess and engineer our inward supply chain to reduce our plastic consumption, and try to buy our produce as hyper-locally as possible, with a minimum dependence on imported products. With an aim cut down on unnecessary waste, we do not serve single-use plastic products to our customers. Our efforts are ongoing – we believe there is always a scope to learn and to improve. If you see someplace where we aren’t adequately ensuring a safe environment or there is a way we could be environmentally conscious, please do let our Crew know, or contact us in the form on our website and we will make an honest attempt to improve.