We at Thirsty City 127 believe Design is not something superficial or something superfluous. It is very much at the core of the human experience, and it is at the core of what we do. From the motifs that adorn our walls to the glassware we serve our drinks in, from the garnish of our cocktails to the hues of the chips in the terrazzo in our bar counters, everything is deliberately made, crafted, designed or chosen – everything is made to visually stimulate.

And Design for us is not just the aesthetic – it is smart, it is functional. We’ve invested care into the ensuring the exact placement of the bag hooks under the bar-top, the direction in which the doors of the event space open, the fixtures that light up our exquisite art on the walls.

Design allows us to express the decadence that we love. Decadence in each Delicious Detail. The brass strips inlaid in our seductively dark floors. Our perfect Teku beer experience glasses. The grain of each marble top of our dining tables. The gently curved skirtings of our pastel hued bathrooms. The art exhibition curated and installed just as it should be. The exact blue of our menu.