A core way of the way we work at Thirsty City 127 is that the artist is always at the fore – the creator is always identified and celebrated. Whether it be our lovingly created beer or the wonderfully innovative craft cocktails served, it is the beer-maker and the mixologist who is the star. We collaborate with musicians who are at the top of their game, and we make sure to allow the space to serve as a platform for them to present themselves the best. It is no different with the art we show at Thirsty City 127. The art and the artist is raised on a pedestal, and we are richer for it.

Thirsty City 127 is thrilled to work with The Collection at No. 8, which is a private collection of contemporary Indian and South Asian Art and represents a deep engagement with current visual art practises in the region. The Collection at No. 8 aims to be a powerful showcase of contemporary art and as a result be a strong supporter and patron of artistic practitioners. Deep research and a curatorial framework, both in acquisitions and in exhibition and display add heft and layers to the narratives and aesthetic that the Collection at No. 8 follows and supports. The Collection displays its curated exhibitions within spaces that have other uses including a commercial building and our very own Thirsty City 127, with the express aim of exposing more people to art, and to bridge the gap between art and other aspects of living.

The Collection at No. 8 has been founded by Simran Kotak, Designer and Vir Kotak, Artist and Entrepreneur.

List of Shows at TC127


Works from Collection 8
Krishna Reddy at Thirsty City